Online-Shop «Areal Shop»
Own-produced goods and products of European, American and Chinese manufacturers are presented in the shop.

AREALSHOP is constantly growing, broadening product range and customer base. For corporate clients are available special prices and seasonal discounts. Delivery is performed by transport companies.
Along with disposable medical non-woven products Masteritsa factory manufactures disposable soft textile goods for the beauty industry under Areal brand: since 1998 disposable necklaces and towels are produced for hairdresser`s salons, and since 2000 disposable cloths and napkins for facial rooms. In 2007 it was decided to broaden the range of products significantly for the beauty industry, online-shop AREALSHOP was launched in 2012, operating on B2B principle. Currently AREALSHOP performs B2B and B2С-sales in three countries: Russia, Finland and Estonia.

Product range has increased up to 1 000 items: full range of disposable cosmetology products, disposable clothes for clients and personnel, associated beauty products, professional Israeli cosmetics, disinfecting goods, cleaning products etc.
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