«La Casa» Restaurant
For many pizza types there is strict cooking canon – bake it only in a wood stove. That is why in our cozy restaurant there is real home fire where it is nice to spend time while looking at crackling cordwood and waiting for the order. For example, vegetarian pizza with blue cheese originated from Corsica. You also can try classic recipes of European cuisine. Moreover, chef enters season specials and works out menu in accordance with recent gastronomic trends.

In the restaurant La Casa there is an option to carry out various cooking classes. For example, pizza cooking class, where for 1.5 - 2 hours guests can cook genuine Italian pizza in a wood stove.
Restaurant of Italian cuisine La Casa was opened in the spring of 2013. The restaurant`s name La Casa is translated from Italian as «home». And home cuisine in Italy is only not worse but even better than in a restaurant. The most famous Italian food is pasta, translated from ancient Greek as «flour, mixed with sauce».
Restaurant La Casa serves with delicious homemade pasta, including ravioli, with various sauces. The recipe of our special dish ravioli with duck was brought from a small village in North Lombardia. As usual, the secret ingredient is thick flavored sauce.
The next item of our menu needs no introduction - it is pizza baked in a wood stove. Pizza is a symbol of Italian cuisine, traditional dish that took a leading position at the gastronomic market.
St. Petersburg, Kurlandskaya, 35
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