Rehabilitation Center «Areal-Med»
Medical rehabilitation live-in center «Areal-Med» was opened in 2019. Complex rehabilitation of patients with neurologic and orthopedic disorders, rehabilitation after blood stroke, cerebro-spinal, crainocerebral injuries, central and peripheral nervous system disorders, neurosurgical operations; spinal cord injuries; arthroscopy and joint endoprosthetics, spinal disorders and deformity are provided in the center. Treatment and rehabilitation programs are aimed at improvement of patients` quality of life, preserving working capacity and bringing back to normal life. The center is fitted with modern up-to-date rehabilitation equipment. Patients and their attendants live in comfortable suits at the premises of Arealinn hotel, with all the equipment required for the patients.
Physiotherapists and PT doctors collectively define rehabilitation potential of a patient and work out an individual rehabilitation program, taking into account concomitant pathologies. The program includes physical therapeutic exercises, mechanotherapy and, if necessary, medical massage and logaoedic treatment and kinesiotaping. For every patient is selected diet following the doctor`s prescriptions. Restaurant of Italian cuisine «La Casa» is entrusted with providing catering service for patients.
St. Petersburg, Kurlandskaya, 35
+ 7 (812) 655 - 30 - 20