Manufacture of medical goods «Masteritsa»
Sterility and complex sets help medical staff using it fast and convenient without additional costs. All the produced goods are certified and have licenses authorized by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Currently Masteritsa company manufactures medical sterile disposable sets consisting of more than 30 items of non-woven products. For personal needs manufacture of double- and three-layer materials was launched. An average set consists of 5-7 items.

Masteritsa factory provides disposable medical non-woven products throughout Russia.
History of the Areal group began in 1991 with the foundation of Masteritsa company, manufacturer of non-woven products. It was the first company that brought in 90-s to Russia non-woven material spunlace produced by Finnish company Suominen by trademark Fibrella.

Because of its` low cost and flexibility non-woven material has several advantages in front of normal fabric while producing disposable goods: surgical gowns, clothes for doctors and patients, robes, clothes for medical procedures, shirts, pads, new-born clothes, operation sponges, cloths etc. Various disposable sterile sets are used in trauma surgery, neurosurgery, cardio surgery, ophthalmology, gynecology departments or by abdominal operations. Basic surgical cloths of the set are made with different hole configuration for the limit of operation field, depending on the operation type and coating with double-sided scotch tape.
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