Bubnovsky Center
The following health issues can be solved at the premises of the center: osteochondrosis, backache and spinal pain, herniation of intervertebral disk, arthritis, arthrosis, scoliosis. Also it is possible to get protective treatment for age-related illnesses, post-injury and post-surgery rehabilitation. If permitted, regular kinesitherapy sessions with personal instructor help you to postpone operative treatment.

Specialists of the center annually undertake professional training by Dr. S.M. Bubnovsky at the University of modern kinesitherapy and physical rehabilitation in Moscow. They improve skills, confirm qualification and get certificates, required for the work with patients.
Medical center of modern kinesitherapy according to S.M. Bubnovsky`s methodology was opened in 2010. Sergei Bubnovsky is a Doctor of Medicine, Professor of rehabilitation and anesthesiology faculty of the RUDN university, laboratory chief, creator of new medical movement – modern kinesitherapy, based on preventive and non-drug and non-invasive treatment of musculoskeletal system disorders, author of 12 patents and more than 20 popular scientific books, TV presenter. Doctor Bubnovsky`s center operates according to unique method of treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders, that main remedial measure is specially developed decompression exercises on designer`s MTB equipment. Experts of the center provide non-drug, non-injection and non-invasive treatment to variety of musculoskeletal system disorders.